Invisalign Is Magic for Straight Teeth

If you’re an adult with crooked teeth, you might be looking for ways to straighten your teeth. We all know the standard way of doing this is to get braces, but how many adults do you know that have or want braces? Maybe you never decided to have braces in the past, or you did […]

Why Getting Checkups Are Essential

Many people don’t understand why it is standard to get a checkup every 6 months for their mouth. Your teeth are just as important as the rest of your body and needs medical attention. Even though your teeth are white and are brushed twice a day doesn’t meant everything is A-Okay. There are many factors […]

Which Toothbrush Wins The Fight?

It’s a ongoing argument with no proven facts of which toothbrush is more beneficial. Is it the Traditional or electric toothbrush that does a better job?  We know the key differences between electric and traditional toothbrushes. We know traditional is the most commonly used and are manual.  W know that electrical is battery operated and are advertised to work […]

Seeing Your Dentist During Pregnancy

It is normal for expecting mothers to be concerned with seeing the dentist during their pregnancy. It is most ideal to try to make an appointment before planning on getting pregnant. If not possible, you do not have to skip your routine check-up if already expecting. A gum examination is very important while pregnant.  In some cases […]

Why Your Teeth Could Benefit From Veneers

Do you want to revamp and remake your smile? At Oakwood Dental, our No Prep Veneers will give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Here is how you could benefit from this service: A Hand Crafted Smile If you have ever been unhappy with your teeth, you can now choose exactly how you want […]

Tips About Child’s 1st Dental Visit

For parents wondering when to introduce a child to a dentist, the answer is easy. Your Staten Island dentist at Oakwood Dental Arts will tell you that caring for a youngster’s teeth begins early. Here are three simple pointers to keep in mind: 1. A dental visit by age 1, or within six months of the […]

Make Sure You Maintain Your Smile Throughout The Seasons

The changing seasons can have a real impact on health. While many see winter and fall as the dreaded seasons that bring dry air and illnesses that cause oral and respiratory distress, weather conditions that arise during spring and summer are responsible for negative health effects as well. might bring rise to illness You may […]

Invest in a Straighter Smile with Invisalign

Whether you want to exercise more frequently, quit smoking or go on a diet, the focus is self-improvement, Why not make one of your New Year’s resolutions to stay on top of your dental health and take steps to enhance your smile? Correcting your teeth not only enhances your appearance, but also improves your overall […]

State of the Art Dental Office expands to Shrewsbury NJ

Oakwood Dental Arts with an office in Freehold New Jersey and two offices in Staten Island, is happy to announce the grand opening of their newest New Jersey dental office location. Conveniently located by Red Bank, Eatontown, Tinton Falls, Little Silver, Holmdel and more, Oakwood Dental is looking forward to becoming the neighborhood dentist for […]