The Dangers Of Sports Drinks

  For many years, athletes and construction workers who work in the hot weather were encouraged to consume sports drinks to replace the vital nutrients they lose when they sweat. At that point in time, sports drinks were new and there was no research done regarding any long-term problems or effects. In recent years, it […]

3 Procedures That Help Your Teeth Become Stronger

  The substance that protects your teeth is called enamel, and your Shrewsbury dentist understands how important your enamel is to your overall health. While it helps to know that drinking soft drinks and eating sugar weaken your enamel, it is also important to know the many procedures you can have done that will help […]

Is Dental Fear Real?

  If you engage 10 people in a conversation about going to the dentist, it is highly likely that most of them will say that they have some level of fear about dental exams. The question is, to what degree are people genuinely afraid of the dentist versus people who just get the chills when […]

5 Tips For A Healthier Smile

  A bright and healthy smile is not only the ultimate sign of confidence, but it can also be a great asset if you deal with the public for your career. One of the keys to maintaining a good smile is to see your Shrewsbury dentist on a regular basis. But there are other actions […]

How Oral Health Affects Overall Health

  If you are one of those folks who does not brush your teeth regularly or visit your Shrewsbury dentist every six months, then you probably think that there is no harm in your lifestyle. For some reason, the mouth is a part of the body people seem able to disassociate from the rest of […]

Things You Don’t Know About Dental Insurance

  When you visit your Shrewsbury dentist, you expect to submit your dental insurance card and have most of the charges covered by insurance. But there are plenty of surprises to be found hiding in your dental insurance. Some of those surprises are very pleasant, while others can make life a little more difficult. Insurance […]

Symptoms of Common Problems

  Are you one of those people who debate on whether or not to visit your Shrewsbury dentist based on a new feeling in your gums or teeth? It is not unusual to get sensations in your gum areas that are normal and not an indication of a problem. But it is still smart to […]

5 Tips To Help Kids Brush

  One of the most common reasons parents talk to their Shrewsbury dentist is to find ways to get children to brush their teeth. Children can be unpredictable as some of them immediately take to brushing their teeth and others try to avoid it for as long as possible. Your Shrewsbury dentist can offer some […]

Why Dental Cleaning Is Essential

  Every six months you should make time to visit your local Shrewsbury dentist and get your regular cleaning. People of all ages and with varying degrees of dental health need to be sure to get their regular cleanings because these regular cleanings can help prevent a wide variety of other dental and medical problems. […]

Happy Fourth of July From Shrewsbury Dentist

Fourth of July is filled with fireworks and celebrations and Oakwood Dental Arts wants you to be happy, that’s why we’re here to offer a few tips to keep your teeth healthy this 4th!  For starters, stay hydrated!! We know that during the holidays your consumption of alcohol may be higher than usual, and that’s […]