General Dentistry in Monmouth County

The phrase ‘general dentistry’ brings to mind the fundamental and basic procedures such as fillings, extractions, and exams, however a general dentist can also perform cosmetic procedures.

When a patient comes to our Shrewsbury dentist office for an initial checkup, they can expect a comprehensive exam. Our top dentists will examine the teeth, using state of the art dental instruments, and take x-rays for a better analysis. The results will function as a source of comparison and evaluation if changes in the condition of the mouth occur.

If the results determine that a patient is in need of restorative attention, our dentists will explain the issue to the patient and decide on the best treatment plan. If a filling is indicated for instance, they will present the various types of materials that could be used – composite resin, porcelain, etc., and help the patient decide which one might be ideal for their particular case.

Another common procedure associated with general dentistry is bonding. This is the process of restoring a chipped, or otherwise damaged tooth, by applying a material that is close enough to the consistency of the original enamel coating of the tooth to cover the flaw successfully. This procedure is fairly quick, and can be completed with one visit to our offices.

Gingivitis is a common and mild form of gum disease that could lead to further complications, a general dentist performing a routine exam may be the first to uncover it. This is an important procedure as a patient left untreated with gingivitis can rapidly advance to periodontitis, a condition that is much more difficult to treat and could involve surgery.

A complete dental examination can recognize variable disorders of the mouth that are most successfully treated with early detection. The general dentists at the Oakwood Dental Arts of Shrewsbury NJ are experienced, and are able to identify a potentially serious problem before it can develop. Call the office and set up an exam.

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