Why Dental Cleaning Is Essential


Every six months you should make time to visit your local Shrewsbury dentist and get your regular cleaning. People of all ages and with varying degrees of dental health need to be sure to get their regular cleanings because these regular cleanings can help prevent a wide variety of other dental and medical problems.

Gum Disease

Gum disease can cause you to lose your teeth, and it can even create infections that can travel to other parts of your body such as your brain. The worst part about gum disease is that by the time you actually start to feel pain from it, the disease has already been busy destroying your gums.

Your Shrewsbury dentist uses your regular cleaning to look for any signs of gum disease and head the problem off before it becomes serious. It is always best to start treating gum disease before you can start to feel it because that is the point at which your dentist can truly get the problem under control.

Bright Teeth

Your regular cleaning not only cleans your teeth, but it helps to keep them bright and white as well. You will always have a healthy and appealing smile when you keep your regular dental cleaning visits.

Discovering Potential Teeth Problems

During your regular cleaning, your Shrewsbury dentist can identify teeth that are starting to crack or develop cavities. Once again, you would never be able to tell these problems are starting until they have advanced to the point where they are extremely painful and become emergency situations. But when you go to your regular cleanings, your dentist can detect these problems early and take the necessary steps to fix them.

Saving You Money

Your dental insurance not only covers cleanings, but it will also cover any of the preemptive procedures your dentist feels are necessary as the result of your cleanings as well. When you visit your dentist regularly, any issues that are brewing can be discussed and any necessary appointments can be made to handle those situations. You can work with your dentist’s office to make appointments that will reduce your costs for the work being done and utilize your insurance to its fullest.

Creating an Oral Health History

One of the most significant benefits of regular dental visits is that it allows your dentist the chance to compare past visits to your current visit to see if there are any changes that are not very noticeable. Even your dentist cannot see all of the problems you could be having with your teeth and gums. But comparing notes from visit to visit and creating a comprehensive oral health history makes it much easier for your dentist to detect when something is wrong.

If you don’t have a routine dental cleaning visit scheduled with your Shrewsbury dentist, then you should make one immediately. There is much more to your bi-annual cleaning visit that removing plaque from between your teeth. Your regular cleanings are critical parts of establishing a reliable oral health history for you, and in helping your dentist to do everything possible to prevent serious dental conditions that could affect much more than just your teeth and gums.