Make Sure You Maintain Your Smile Throughout The Seasons

The changing seasons can have a real impact on health. While many see winter and fall as the dreaded seasons that bring dry air and illnesses that cause oral and respiratory distress, weather conditions that arise during spring and summer are responsible for negative health effects as well.

might bring rise to illness You may think that the cold weather that caused you to wake up with a dry mouth and bad breath that left you having to brush/floss more is over and done with, but the effects that weather takes on us doesn’t just last during the coldest time of the year. Each season brings it’s own effects and maintaining your health is a must, also because oral hygiene and health is imperative to your overall health.

As the seasons change from winter to spring, dry air, which is a major culprit of dry mouth, dry mouth for allergies- so what you ask yourself? But did you know the antihistamines that you take to combat your allergies also dry out your mouth as a side effect? All while causing the same affects the cold weather did alone.

So you get the point we’re trying to make, oral health maintenance is to be done all year round; and you’re in luck cause we’re here to tell you how with just a few simple short steps. First, always be sure to stay hydrated. This will benefit your oral health as it stimulates saliva production in your mouth that helps curb bad breath. Making sure your toothbrush is clean and exchanging it for a new one after the flu season is recommended. You don’t want to be carrying around those germs into the sunny beach weather months.

You may not have heard this as often, but exfoliating your tongue is a quick way to improve your oral health. Just as easy as you find it to exfoliate your skin before heading to the beach to get the best tan possible, using a tongue scraper will remove any unwanted build up of germs and bacteria that will cause negative effects for you down the line. We’ve been serving our Staten Island clientele here at Oakwood dental arts to ensure perfect oral health, so stop by our New Jersey locations for your regular annual cleaning and we’ll answer any further questions you may have. Whether you want to know if you’re blushing and/or flossing correctly, we’ve got you covered.