Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice? Points to Ponder from your Shrewsbury Dental Office

It’s the time of the season, Pumpkin Spice is everywhere you turn.  Although it is known for its annual appearance during the fall season, did you know how many benefits pumpkin spice has? Aside from being able to clear your sinuses and sore muscles, Pumpkin Spice is also great for your teeth according to Oakwood Dental Arts New Jersey Dentists! The ingredients that pumpkin spice contains creates a powerful anti-bacterial which improves your oral health, killing bacteria that forms to attack your teeth causing cavities.  Having a pumpkin spice coffee can also be great for soothing teeth aches. But make sure it isn’t too hot. Drinks that contain too much heat can hurt your teeth. Enjoy the pumpkin spice benefits without the harm.

At Oakwood Dental Arts, our New Jersey Dentists at our Shrewsbury and Freehold offices encourage pumpkin spice and try to find any way to improve the dental care of our patients.