Seeing Your Dentist During Pregnancy

It is normal for expecting mothers to be concerned with seeing the dentist during their pregnancy. It is most ideal to try to make an appointment before planning on getting pregnant. If not possible, you do not have to skip your routine check-up if already expecting.

A gum examination is very important while pregnant.  In some cases during pregnancy, due to hormone levels, gums may swell and bleed. This can cause infection and may lead you to go to the dentist to make sure it is not a serious issue.  Also, morning sickness has a huge part on teeth during pregnancy. It is important to keep up with brushing throughout the day especially during morning sickness.

If you are dealing with a serious dental issue, talk to your Oakwood Dental Arts dentist and inform him/her of your pregnancy and concerns. Dental work will be put off at all cause but there could be recommendations and examinations your dentist can make to help the issue until it is clear to do the work.